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Monte Peiró

Knuckles are cooked in their own juice and launched vacuum packed.

They have neither salt nor water injected.
Ready cooked food to take for lunch or dinner. Customers can prepare knuckles in several ways: heating them in the microwave during 10/15 minutes, heating them in a bain-marie, cooking them au gratin or cooked in beer.
Knuckles are launched in front or rear parts vacuum packed. According to the format, they have different weights. Front part is 1 kilo weight and rear part is 1,700 kilo weight. Their price is also different.
Cooked Knuckle with skin
0,500 Kg
Cooked Knuckle with skin
1 Kg
Cooked Knuckle with skin
1,700 Kg



Ingredients (2 persons)

A Fresh or Vacuum- packed Knuckle. (If the knuckle is vacuum packed it is ready cooked. It only needs 35 minutes with all the ingredients into the oven and it will be ready)

- Meat broth.

- Garlic and spices (Thyme and bay leaves) at customers taste.

- White wine.

- Water

- Salt.


Put the fresh knuckle in a dish inside the oven with all the ingredients during 80 minutes. Add the meat broth, the water and the white wine as you see it needs them, when the knuckle is going dry. The temperature of the oven should be at 180 º. When it is roasted, leave the knuckle 15 minutes more cooked au gratin.

If you buy a ready cooked Knuckle, it is easier to prepare it. You only have to put the knuckle into the oven during 35 minutes at 200º and add the meat broth, the water and the white wine when you see it needs it, when the knuckle is going dry, damp it with the meat broth, the water and the white wine.

It can be served together with potato purée.

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