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Monte Peiró

Suckling Pig
20 Kg
Suckling Pig
20 Kg
28 portions


It is recommendable to take the product out from the bag 30 minutes before it is introduced into the oven.

Preheat the oven at 240º +/-

Put the suckling pig in a dish with the skin downwards (without any sauce) and introduce it into the oven, in the middle part of the oven, taking into account the recommended temperature.

Turn on the grill during 10/15 minutes until it is sautéed.

Turn over the suckling pig with the skin upwards. Repeat the same procedure until the skin is sautéed and crunchy.

Add the sauce at one side of the dish WITHOUT DAMPING THE SKIN OF THE SUCKLING PIG 5 minutes before taking the suckling pig out from the oven.

Take the suckling pig out from the bag.
Put it into the microwave during 8 minutes. ¾ power.
Then, grill the suckling pig during 5 minutes.
Remember not to damp the skin of the suckling pig.
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