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Flavors of Spain

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It is difficult to sum up the richness of the Spanish gastronomy in few lines. The geographical point, culture and climate have given rise to a varied cookery as far as recipes and culinary styles are concerned.

Besides, the several civilizations that passed through the peninsula left their customs and traditions what have remained in the Spanish cuisine from that time until nowadays. Most of this influence is due to the Jew and the Moorish culinary tradition.

Fish is an important element of the Spanish people diet. Thanks to the wide coast Spain has, Spain is surrounded by the Cantabrico Sea (Bay of Biscay), the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, every city belonging to the interior part of the country is supplied of fresh fish every day. Meat use to be more habitual in the interior part of the country.

Inside the Spanish food tradition, we can’t forget the importance of the olive oil, which is an essential seasoning in every Mediterranean dish.

It is widely known that the Paella is the most typical food foreign people taste in Spain but we have an extensive cookery apart from the Paella.

Among Spanish foodstuff people can find: Spanish spicy sausage, Spicy pork sausage,---Black pudding with rice, Cured Ham, Suckling pig, Baby lamb/ Suckling lamb,Creamy cheese, chickpeas with chorizo, morcilla and pork meat, white Beans with chorizo, morcilla and pork meat, Breadcrumbs with chorizo, Bread with Tomato, Meat on a skewer, Sangría (Sweet wine with sugar), Spanish Omelette. Spanish gastronomy consists of a very interesting variety of ingredients.

Some of these ingredients are from Spanish origin and some of them were introduced by the different civilizations that conquered the peninsula. For instance, Arabian people brought oranges, lemons, sugar and rice from Africa. Spanish explores who went to South- America brought chocolate, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes from the new continent. With all these ingredients Spanish people have created their own cuisine. Each Spanish region has its typical dish:

In Aragon, suckling lamb is the most demanded dish. In Galicia, fishing is the main industry, so, people eat every kind of fish and seafood. In Asturias, in the north part of Spain, Fabada is the most typical dish. It is a dish composed of white beans, chorizo and morcilla. In Andalucia, people use to take Gazpacho. It is a kind of cold soup made of vegetables. The principal ingredient is the tomato. People from Castilla La Mancha use to take Garlic soup. It is a hot soup made by Garlic, egg and Bread. In Madrid, the typical dish is Cocido Madrileño. It is made of chickpeas, vegetables, meat pork, chorizo and morcilla. In Valencia, the most typical dish is Paella. It is made with rice, saffron and seafood. Depending on the region Paella is cooked, people add chicken instead of seafood to the rice.Spanish people have a wide range of foodstuff to prepare a great number of dishes in order people enjoy of its delicious food. Mediterranean food has always been a reference of high quality food which has a savoury flavour due to the mixture of their ingredients and seasonings.