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The Official Certificate is a kind of geographical indication applied to that foodstuff which has exclusively the local characteristics where it has been cultivated.

The Official Certificate is a mark that is used to protect legally some foodstuff produced in a certain area against those producers who would like to take the name of the products the original producers took.

Producers who obtain the Official Certificate are compromised to keep the highest quality in their products. They are also undertaken to keep the traditional way in the processing of their products.  For instance, in the processing of the wine, in certain regions of Spain it is compulsory to use the traditional grape of the area for its elaboration. In the same way, there is a public institution that controls the Official Certificate of the regions. This institution gives the producer the right to show the hallmark to the producers of the area who comply with the rules.

The Official Certificate main advantage is that it guarantees a constant level of quality to those consumers who are going to taste the product.  Getting the Official Certificate, producers obtain a legal protection against the processing of similar products made in other areas, although they use the same ingredients and procedures than the original producers. Products which had gotten the Official Certificate hallmark foster the organization of the productive industry and make easier their entry to the national and international market.