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Flavors of Spain

Santa Orosia nº 38, local 2
50010 Zaragoza

Tel.: +34 976330099
Fax +34976336131


Due to the great importance of the Spanish Mediterranean cuisine that has been recognized by cooks and experts like one of the best and healthiest of the world, we would like to put at your disposal a wide range of our Spanish foodstuffs in order you to know them.

All of our products have been handicraft processed with the best raw material. Apart from that, most of them are guaranteed with the official certificate which assures them a high quality.

Our main aim is to select the best Spanish foodstuffs to be able to offer them  to you and to bring them to your cookery in order you can enjoy Spanish foodstuffs flavours and textures (like we do).

Do you know us? Let us introduce to you.

Flavors of Spain is a company specialised in Spanish foodstuffs exportation. Flavors of Spain is a company located in Zaragoza (Spain), it is a city placed between Madrid and Barcelona. Its strategic location allows us to deliver our products and to any part of the world.

As a group, we define us as a human, young and dynamic team who enjoy good and high quality food. Our desire is to bring you our products in order you and your customers can share our delicatessen food.

Nowadays, we are working in new foodstuffs in order to satisfy every market demands.
We are very careful in the selection of our products offering you only those products which have been handicraft made using the best raw material. Most of them have the official certificate assuring their high quality.

The join of all these characteristics allow us to become the best partner for your business.